Musical Artist Website
for Crystal Kay


The Problem

My first website built with HTML and CSS. Building this was for a personal passion. I excitedly jumped to the opportunity to create a fictional website for one of my favorite singers, Crystal Kay. At the time of building this, she did not have a professional or personal website.

Users + Audience

The idea was for users to visit this site to learn more about Crystal Kay and view the latest albums and videos produced by the artist and her record label.


As inspiration for this website, I used Crystal Kay’s album “For You” for the design component. I viewed Ariana Grande’s website to get an idea of content hierarchy for musical artists.


My research was shared as a presentation to the President, Chief of Staff and the Assistant to the President along with wireframes.



The wireframes shown below were assembled in Adobe Illustrator.

Design Solution + User Flow

With a rose depicted on the “For You” album, I decided to use a flower throughout the website. I chose a quieter blue as the primary color as to not take away from the rest of the content.

Conceptual Mock-ups

The website was built for desktop monitors. Mock-ups for this website were assembled in photoshop.


I built this site with HTML and CSS.


Screenshots of the final site are shown below.