Landing Page Redesign
Office of the President, UArts


The Problem

The Office of the President at the University of the Arts serves as primary leadership in all academic and business initiatives. Redesigning the landing page would allow for the public the view information in one place about current news, staff, and messages shared from this office.

Users + Audience

This page needed to be accessible to students, parents, and other businesses looking to connect with leadership at the University of the Arts.


I reviewed and examined the leadership pages of other local Philadelphia college institutions and competitor art colleges. My goal was to determine the architecture of their information, compare it to UArts, and then construct a proper hierarchy of information that would reflect a standard and showcase attributes unique to the university.


My research was shared as a presentation to the President, Chief of Staff and the Assistant to the President along with wireframes.



The wireframes shown below were assembled in Adobe Illustrator.

Design Solution + User Flow

Users are able to access all information by toggling between different tabs on one page. The information is categorized as News and Initiatives, Communications, President’s Office, Senior Leadership, and Board of Trustees


The site was built using the custom template in the content management system, Drupal.


Users are now able to navigate the landing page and view information without leaving the page frequently to access information.